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Todd Kawasaki wins 2nd place in IPA contest



2016 International Photography Award Winner


Todd Kawasaki was Awarded: 2nd place in Nature – Sunset category for the winning entry ”Hale Honu”

About IPA:

The 2016 International Photography Awards received nearly 15,000 submissions from 103 countries across the globe. IPA is a sister-effort of the Lucie Foundation, where the top three winners are announced at the annual Lucie Awards gala ceremony. The Foundation’s mission is to honor master photographers, to discover new and emerging talent and to promote the appreciation of photography. Since 2003, IPA has had the privilege and opportunity to acknowledge and recognize contemporary photographers’ accomplishments in this specialized and highly visible competition. Visit for more details.


Todd’s Recent Photography Awards:


“Lone Kiawe” – Bronze Award – Epson International Pano Awards

“Gateway” – Bronze Award – Epson International Pano Awards

“The Magic of Maui” – 1st Place – AAA Hawaii Magazine Photo Contest

“Pahoa” – Featured in Art Maui 2015 Juried Exhibition


“House of the Sun” – Bronze Award – Epson International Pano Awards

“A Pier in Paradise” – Bronze Award – Epson International Pano Awards

“Molten Dream” – Honorable Mention – IPA International Photography Awards

 “Wai Kai” – Honorable Mention – IPA International Photography Awards

“Molten Dream” – 1st Place – Maui Photo Salon Contest, Expert Division Color

“Suspended in Time” – 2nd Place – Maui Photo Salon Contest, Expert Division Color

“Sunrise Over Mokoli’i” – 1st Place – Maui Photo Salon Contest, Expert Division Black and White

“Dream City” – 3rd Place – Maui Photo Salon Contest, Expert Division Black and White


“Wai Kai” – Best in Show – 7th Annual Photo Maui Juried Exhibition

“Old Lahaina Sunset” – 1st Place – 7th Annual Photo Maui Juried Exhibition, – Color Division

“Cascades of Kauai” – 1st Place – 7th Annual Photo Maui Juried Exhibition,  Digitally Enhanced Division

“Cascades of Kauai” – 1st Place – Maui Photo Salon Contest, Open Division Color

“Old Lahaina Sunset” – 2nd Place – Maui Photo Salon Contest, Open Division Color

1784, Captain Cook’s General Chart

Strahan & Cadell Cook General Chart World 1784 25x39

This is simply the first map of the world with any pretense to accuracy.  Other world maps of the time merely hinted at the landfalls of the Pacific.  Captain James Cook, over a period of 11 years ~ 1769-1780  ~ 3 voyages and a 100,000 miles, mapped it, with precision. The original copperplate engraving is from Cook’s Last Voyage originally published in 1784 by Strahan and Cadell of London. It traces the tracks of the Endeavour, the Adventure, the Resolution and the Discovery during each of Captain Cook’s three voyages of exploration.  As a record of Cook’s historic Pacific discoveries, this is the most accurate and important world chart of the 18th century and such is considered the first modern World map.


 The General Chart was published five years after Cook’s death in Hawaii and three years before the United States Constitution, being the first historical chart to delineate the Sandwich Islands and the Pacific Northwest of America.

The World’s Rarest Map

“The World’s Rarest Map”

Visscher Piscator 1617

Visscher World 1617 16x24

The National Library of Austria in Vienna has a superb two-sheet world map by Claes Visscher (1587- 1652). It is untitled and undated. The engraving as a whole is a masterly combination of all the emblems of the age: the two hemispheres of the world, the heavens, mythology and the classical past, the pride of recent explorers, man’s duties throughout the changing seasons, and the Christian obligation of every being. The date of this masterpiece, has been deduced through geographic anomalies, at 1617. Besides its supreme rarity, it is a map of singular beauty, and in recognition of this, Lahaina Printsellers has re-created this magnificent rarity on canvas.

How We Re-created “The World’s Rarest Map”

Lahaina Printsellers acquired a photo lithograph of the original from the National Library in Vienna. Our agent personally transported the accurate but pallid rendering to Katmandu (Nepal) where we commissioned exiled Tibetan monks to recreate this rarity in minute detail. Using traditional techniques honed over the centuries the novitiate monks painted the map on cotton, using hand mixed mineral and vegetable pigments. The quality of the monk’s labors represent a level of discipline, precision and artistic value that we feel is a resource that will have dissipated by the next generation.


Marilyn Maulin

Marilyn Maulin

Marylin Maulin Photo

A resident of Maui since 1986, Marilyn became interested in mosaics in the mid nineties when her first projects were decorative picture frames and flowerpots.  While  traveling in Europe she was inspired by the beautiful, ancient mosaics she saw in Italy. This experience motivated her to try larger, more complicated projects.  Last year, on another European sojourn she and her husband Jim visited the Tarot Garden of Niki de Saint Phalle en route from Tuscany to Rome. Impressed with the giant and “fantastical” art of this expat artist’s work she was inspired to visit her other smaller Queen Califa’s Magical Circle in Escondido California. It was the combination of these experiences that transformed Marilyn’s artistic direction and led her to the creative path she is on today.


As Marilyn herself is the first to acknowledge, “Some may view my art as whimsy. I agree.  It is joyful whimsy and I hope it makes the viewer smile. As we progess in life, sometimes we fail to see or express ourselves as we did when our eyes were young and our experiences limited. I try to express myself as though each project is my first and each day might be my last”.

Matthew Long

Matthew Long

Matty's Bio Photo

Matthew Long is a New Jersey native,  who has found his home on Maui. His extensive travels throughout the U.S., Mexico and Europe, where he observed many differing cultures, have inspired his unique approach to artistic expression; heavily influenced by elements of Greek and Aboriginal cultures and an abiding love of nature.

ML Buddah Bliss 33x28

Buddha Bliss” by Matthew Long

His paintings are a form of Pointillism, in which small dots of paint are meticulously placed next to one another to create a much larger image. Matthew finds a sense of nirvana with each dot placed… a rendering in itself.

If you want to add this artistic view to your collection, use code: “blogger” to take an additional 10% off your order! We will be adding Blogs regularly every Wednesday so stay tuned.


Visit us this Friday at Art Night on 764 Front Street in Lahaina and meet Matthew! We will be serving Wine for your enjoyment.


John Kelly . . . Hawaii’s Most Beloved Artist

John Kelly
JK Healani 16x13Healani” by John Kelly

With a palette as muted as twilight in the tropics, the art of John Kelly graced the menu covers at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in the early 1950’s

JK Big Surf 16x13

John Melville Kelly arrived in Honolulu in 1923 to take a position for one year with Town and Country homes, Inc. , a real estate development company. The picturesque quality of the Hawaiian landscape, the grace and quite charm of the Hawaiian people, and the interesting racial mixtures found here wove their spell in the heart and soul of his sensitive artist. The one year lengthened into 30 years. During this time he became one of Hawaii’s most constant and devoted exponents. In his final years his palette and style were influenced by the ancient frescoes of the Orient.

JK Fisherman 16x13

The aforementioned Royal Hawaiian Menu Covers are legendary… and since there was a different image for each day of the week, the hotel guests were encouraged to keep them as souvenirs. Although thousands were printed, few complete sets survive. We have collected and offer the 7 part suite… 6 lovely ladies and an outrigger canoe!

Mahalo for all your support! If you read this blog and are interested in John Kelly’s work,  check out more details on each piece under Hawaiian Nostalgia >> John Kelly . If you want to add this brilliant artist to your collection, use code: “blogger” to take an additional 10% off your order! We will be adding Blogs regularly every Wednesday so stay tuned.

The Little Fish with The Big Name


“triggerfish with a snout like a pig”

Originally published by the U.S. Fish Commission Bulletin, THE REEF FISH OF THE HAWAIIAN ISLANDS in 1903. A masterful example of the lithographic arts, based upon an original drawing by A.H. Baldwin, the master chromolithographer, Julius Bien, has created a sensitive yet scientifically accurate work of art.

This Reef fish permanently became the state fish of Hawaii in 2006, after discovering the law declaring it as one had expired in 1990!

Mother’s Day Week Long Special

Happy Mother’s Day

There is a special day each year, where you tell your mother, grandmother or any motherly figure, exactly how much they mean to you. Whether it’s a flower or a card, its always the thought that counts. Lahaina Printsellers can give that thought form. This week only we will be offering 30% off on your orders so you can get her exactly what she wants. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a Giclée from us is priceless.

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Ron Phillips Art Night

Ron Phillips

Ron Phillips Photo 3x2

“Many creative types have one or more philosophies that they follow. My only philosophy is to paint what I feel and from the heart. I think one should, as in style, create one’s own philosophy. Of course, I’ve picked up inspiration, techniques and tidbits of wisdom from other artists I respect and admire but only to create my own dialogue with my art and way of life. What I try to convey in my art is passion, color and a heart felt dialogue beyond words and semantics.

I try to use brushes only to apply my medium though I will sometimes use a cloth. I use a background color to set the tone in my oil and acrylic paintings. During the process I may take the liberty to deviate from the original planned background color to change or enhance the feeling I want to convey.” 

RP Sammy 24x30

Ron Phillips captures the essence of Honu, in all of his artwork. His recent piece “Sammy”, is already popular among turtle enthusiasts.  Come meet him on Friday Night as he paints the new member of his family of Honu.

Todd Kawasaki


 Todd Kawasaki’s First Art Night

Todd Kawasaki Photo 2

Join us this Friday night for Todd Kawasaki’s first Art Night! Todd Kawasaki, an award winning photographer, exclusive to our gallery, will be there himself. Meet the photographer, view his spectacular photographs, have some complimentary wine and enjoy your night on Front Street.

TK Molten Dream 20x30