Simon Williams: Lahaina Harbor 2

Lahaina Harbor 2

Lahaina Harbor is located in downtown Lahaina off of Front Street behind the large banyan and in front of the Pioneer Inn.  Ocean adventures include some of the best sportfishing, sailing, diving, and whale-watching in the world. Pretty nice sunsets too! Snorkel and Diving adventures can bring you close to dolphins, green sea turtles
and humpback whales during the winter.

This fine art piece is Lahaina Harbor 2 by Simon Williams.  This is Simon William’s second painting of Lahaina Harbor. Lahaina Harbor is such a vast space to cover so Simon felt the need for a second perspective of the harbor. This painting covers from the Pioneer Inn side of the harbor as the first painting covered the courthouse.

Simon Williams was born in Duned in 1961. He grew up in Mosgiel serving an apprenticeship in horticulture and landscape gardening. During the 1980s Simon lived and worked in Europe where he began painting. Originally influenced by Australia’s Heidelberg School of artists. Mr. Williams has been the recipient of numerous juried art prizes and routinely shows in both joint and solo exhibitions.

Living in Auckland since 1994 Simon exhibits annually with International Art Center. Simon’s work has featured in every edition of “New Zealand’s Favorite Artists” and hangs in embassies and collections worldwide Including that of former President Bill Clinton. Simon visits Maui regularly and his work succeeds brilliantly in capturing the essence of the panoramic harbors, bays, and beaches that he depicts. His paintings reflect his delight for outdoor life.

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