John Tallis Maps Are Works Of Art

John Tallis is considered to be one of the most renowned cartographers and publishers of the 19th century. His work is considered to be the last of the lavishly decorated and ornamental maps. John’s maps are geographical maps that can be classified as works of art. Tallis’ maps represent the end of an era when atlases […]

Maui Nostalgia With Ben Saber

You can feel the Nostalgia as you view Ben Saber’s vibrant world of Maui with his masterful Acrylic paintings as Gicleés or originals.  My personal favorite painting from Ben Saber’s collection is Front Street Moon.  As a Maui native, I have many memories at Front Street, Ben Saber’s perspective gives a beautiful perspective of the […]

Surf Break View Honolua

If you are looking for a sandy beach, Honolua Bay would not be what you are looking for.  However, the bay is a popular spot for snorkeling.  The beach itself is a narrow path of boulders and sand with the water being the focus.  Reaching the bay is a short trek in itself as you […]

Sailing Off Lanai

If you have ever traveled between Maui and Lanai, you would know that travel is only possible by ferry or plane. However, a plane would take a lot longer since the commercial flights are made via Honolulu on Oahu. There are not many ferry companies that transport people between Maui and Lanai. Ferries also only transport […]

Simon Williams: Lahaina Harbor 2

Lahaina Harbor is located in downtown Lahaina off of Front Street behind the large banyan and in front of the Pioneer Inn.  Ocean adventures include some of the best sportfishing, sailing, diving, and whale-watching in the world. Pretty nice sunsets too! Snorkel and Diving adventures can bring you close to dolphins, green sea turtles and humpback […]