Marilyn Maulin

Marilyn Maulin

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A resident of Maui since 1986, Marilyn became interested in mosaics in the mid nineties when her first projects were decorative picture frames and flowerpots.  While  traveling in Europe she was inspired by the beautiful, ancient mosaics she saw in Italy. This experience motivated her to try larger, more complicated projects.  Last year, on another European sojourn she and her husband Jim visited the Tarot Garden of Niki de Saint Phalle en route from Tuscany to Rome. Impressed with the giant and “fantastical” art of this expat artist’s work she was inspired to visit her other smaller Queen Califa’s Magical Circle in Escondido California. It was the combination of these experiences that transformed Marilyn’s artistic direction and led her to the creative path she is on today.


As Marilyn herself is the first to acknowledge, “Some may view my art as whimsy. I agree.  It is joyful whimsy and I hope it makes the viewer smile. As we progess in life, sometimes we fail to see or express ourselves as we did when our eyes were young and our experiences limited. I try to express myself as though each project is my first and each day might be my last”.

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