Ron Phillips Art Night

Ron Phillips

Ron Phillips Photo 3x2

“Many creative types have one or more philosophies that they follow. My only philosophy is to paint what I feel and from the heart. I think one should, as in style, create one’s own philosophy. Of course, I’ve picked up inspiration, techniques and tidbits of wisdom from other artists I respect and admire but only to create my own dialogue with my art and way of life. What I try to convey in my art is passion, color and a heart felt dialogue beyond words and semantics.

I try to use brushes only to apply my medium though I will sometimes use a cloth. I use a background color to set the tone in my oil and acrylic paintings. During the process I may take the liberty to deviate from the original planned background color to change or enhance the feeling I want to convey.” 

RP Sammy 24x30

Ron Phillips captures the essence of Honu, in all of his artwork. His recent piece “Sammy”, is already popular among turtle enthusiasts.  Come meet him on Friday Night as he paints the new member of his family of Honu.

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