Jaquelynne Mauvais Friday Night Art Night

Jaquelynne Mauvais


Jaquelynne Mauvais is a watercolour and acrylic artist whose uncommon imagination has interested buyers for years. Traveling extensively throughout the world, she has studied different cultures and nature in depth and has a deep understanding and respect for the natural environment. This she instills in her work by depicting human portraits and floral subjects in a natural setting altered by her dramatic vision of color and design to articulate the subject’s full vitality and personality

Ms. Mauvais has been a member of the Lahaina Art Society since 1987 and has participated under the “Banyan Tree” and in the Lahaina Art Society Galleries, as well as numerous galleries throughout the island. Jaquelynne has been living in Maui since 1986, consequently, the “Hawaiian Style” landscapes, water scenes and tropical flowers are prevalent in her work.


Visit us this Friday at Art Night on 764 Front Street in Lahaina and meet Jaquelynne! We will be serving Mai Tais and Wine for your enjoyment.

Todd Kawasaki joins the Lahaina Printsellers ohana

Kawasaki Bio Photo2

Everyone please welcome Todd Kawasaki to the Lahaina Printsellers ohana. He has captured the beauty that makes Hawaii the go to tourist destination with this photography. We are proud to offer his work on our website and in our galleries.

TK Old Lahaina 14x28Todd Kawasaki is an award winning landscape photographer living on the island of Maui, Hawaii. Like many that grew up on Maui, Todd spent much of his time around the ocean enjoying the year round tropical weather. At an early age, he developed a love for nature and a deep appreciation of Hawaii’s natural beauty. His photographic journey documents his love.

TK Koieie Fish Pond 20x30
Todd’s work as a landscape photographer has taken him across the Hawaiian Islands; from capturing the sunset in Princeville, Kauai to photographing the lava flow on the island of Hawaii. Since getting his hands on his first digital camera, Todd has immersed himself into the art of landscape photography. Over the years Todd has be able to develop a photographic style and process he can call his own. Todd’s goal as a photographer is to capture the magnificence of Hawaii as he sees it, and to share that with as many as possible.

TK Dust at Kukaemoku 19x28
Since starting his photography business in 2013, Todd has won numerous awards for his work. He continues to live and photograph on Maui, and travels frequently to the neighboring islands to do work. Todd prides himself on providing his customers with pieces of art that are only of the highest quality. He has worked equally hard in finding reliable printing partners that share in his desire to provide only the highest quality prints. You can be assured that the products offered by Todd Kawasaki Photography have been carefully selected and will be of exceptional quality.